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Monthly Archives: May 2015

It Was An Amazing Night!

   It was an amazing night, but it wasn’t about the food. It wasn’t about the snow cones. It was an amazing night, but it wasn’t about the watermelon or the free hot dog.       It was an amazing…

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It’s Only Sunday.

A house destroyed… Pictures ripped off walls, TVs thrown off their stands and cracked, a broken kitchen table… It looks like a home invasion crime scene. The three youngest are shaking. The oldest is angry and protective. Standing in the…

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Officer, will my Mom be ok?– with an update to the story!!!

Officer, will my Mom be ok? This last weekend those words dropped from the mouth of a little eleven year old boy. His sister was beside him. Both of them praying that Momma would wake up. The officer tried to…

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Life is not fair!

Life’s not fair. This past week, Empower Youth along with Community Christian Church, was able to take over 50 students to Chuck E Cheese. Not a big deal. Right? Actually, it was a big deal. There were many obstacles to…

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