It’s Giving Tuesday!

From our Director, Lori Conley:

It’s raining here today. Alot. And as I fix my son a waffle to warm up his insides, the rain on the outside has me worried for the children we help feed every weekend. They are the children who show up without socks. They are the children who have no coats.

Sure some of these “sockless” children have proper clothes at home, but unfortunately, the connection of getting those socks on their feet is just not happening. Their parents are busy with taking care of younger siblings or worse, many of our children must get themselves ready alone as their parents are already at work.

So what can we do? We start building into young lives on how to care for themselves. We give them hope and pride by letting them know we notice what they wear. We start by giving laundry detergent to families who can’t afford taxables. We start asking questions to make sure they are being cared for and we find out if they just forgot their socks.

Giving Tuesday is about relationships and we have found that the best gift we give our families is respect by getting to know them. Sure, we’ve bumped in to some things that I would rather never know or see again. But, in building relationships, we’ve also found out that many of our families are just stuck in a crevice of despair and that with a hand up to their children–they find hope.

How will your donation today help? Today we have built relationships with more than 150 children. 93 of those children we are currently feeding every weekend. 50 children we sent to camp this past Summer and we are planning to double that number for camp in 2016. We partnered with a local church to feed children every Wednesday a hot meal and work on a children’s community Christmas program– this program has served up to 120 students. We have teamed with schools and churches to make sure students in greatest need will have at least something to open up on Christmas as well as their family will receive a box of food over the break. Giving Tuesday is not just about monetary donations– it can also mean the gift of your time. As you can see, we have many programs for the youth and family of Bethel and surrounding towns. If you have the time, we have a job for you.

There is so much going on… but it always starts with EY getting to know a student and their family. Your donation today will be used as a tool to get to know that “sockless” boy and that “coatless” girl– because really empowering youth is more than just a quick trip to Walmart.

Donate today!


This is our granddaughter– you are never too young to give!



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