Merry Christmas

Christmas is here!
  We’ve done all we can do
Boy have we have been blessed–
And it’s all due to you!

This year has been full–
We’ve worked ourselves to the bone!
Each youth so special,
They are loved as our own!

We’ve sent food home every Friday.
We’ve helped the hungry survive.
But even more importantly
We teach youth to thrive.

We’ve invested in their dreams.
We’ve knocked out their fears.
We’ve celebrated the good times
And we’ve wiped many tears.

We’ve sent kids to camp
And their lives have changed!
All because you gave
Their lives re-arranged!

So thank you friends
For all you did and will do.
Here’s to a new year of hope
To empower our Youth!

Merry Christmas from Empower Youth!

Yes, we should’ve said that before now but we’ve been quite busy. And now…we breathe. We regroup. And, most of all, we offer thanks to all who have supported this ministry through the Christmas Season.
Thank you, monthly givers, who trust us to be good stewards of your monthly contribution. You never designate where it goe– you just allow us to put it towards the next need. Every month, I always first see the needs of our children and then look for the resource and you are always faithful. I am broken over your continued commitment.
Thank you folks who see a project and say “Count me in.” This month we have seen a huge increase in one time gifts for our weekly feeding program—“Tiger Packs”. To borrow a phrase from a famous tiger, “You’re Greatttttt!” When we started with slightly more than 20 children in August, I told our coordinators that we would hit 100 by December. On December 18, we purchased food for 100. No joke—the program is growing and lives are being encouraged to grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I am constantly amazed at the monetary and in-kind donations of food that this program receives. I am so thankful.
Thank you to everyone who helped us provide a glimpse of hope, peace, love, and joy this Christmas to more than 100 children. My eyes get watery just thinking of the many stories we heard of despair turned to hope. Thank you to a little girl named Nell who made it a priority to help a classmate and ended up collecting gifts and toys for 3 families. Thank you to the American Legion, the Shop With A Cop Program, local churches, Sunday School classes, and small groups as well as many other organizations that partnered with us to make sure every family in the Bethel Tate School system who expressed a need for Christmas indeed had a Merry Christmas this year. Thank you to the neighborhood heroes who gave us a “heads up” when they saw a family in need—your care for your neighbor brought so much more than gifts to their doorstep.
Empower Youth is community. We care about the youth of our community. Our goal is always to continue to launch initiatives that save our children from abuse, neglect, apathy, and the horror of a life left stagnant. As we celebrate Christmas and the redemption it brings, we recommit ourselves to make sure hope and dreams are conceived or rekindled in the eyes of every child we work with.
Merry Christmas Empower Youth family—we are looking forward to an incredible new year!

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