Channel 12 and Debra Dixon tell our story!

Thank you Debra Dixon for sharing our story. One of the nicest ladies and so interested in the humanity of our work. Click on the story link below and then check out the rest of our blogs and site to see how you can help. See the story by clicking this link.

Loving lavishly

One of the reasons that Empower Youth is able to supply a hot meal for 120 plus students and adults every Wednesday night is because of our partnership with Master Provisions. This group has been providing food for organizations around the globe for many years but in the last couple of years has also opened … Continue reading Loving lavishly

I’ve Been Diagnosed… finally

My own case of ADHD—Advocate for the Dreamers, Harbor for the Downcast…. For the last few months, my husband and I along with our board members and many of our volunteers have been seeing that we are outgrowing the beautiful storage and packing space that a local church (Faith Chapel in Bethel) has so willingly … Continue reading I’ve Been Diagnosed… finally