CAMP TIME! Sign Up Now!

Let’s do this! With butterflies in my stomach, toes tapping, and camp songs playing in my head– it is time to open up the 2016 Camp Scholarship Registrations! This is big.

Why? (Besides the fact we are organized enough to do this) WE are officially saying– WE BELIEVE IN YOUR KIDS! WE BELIEVE IN YOUR FAMILY!

And we will stake the money, the cash, the moolah of our supporters on it!

What do you need to do?  Summer Camp Registration 2016 pg1 pg 2

Where do you send it? Email it, drop it in the mail at PO Box 351, Bethel OH 45106, or take it to any church in BETHEL and they will find us! You can even give it your school secretary and they will track us down.

What does it cost? We will hold your free scholarship for a fully refundable $10 bill. Why? Because last year, we gave away 15 spots for FREE and they were no shows. That’s 15 kids that lost out on camp. So this year… show up to camp and you get your $10 back! Wow what a deal! It’s like mini savings account to eat out on after you drop the kids off!

How many spots?  Obscure goal: 132!

Deadline April 30 for application. $10 must be in by June 1.

Need more info?  Opening letter for EY Scholarships

Scholarships are based on first come, first served, need, and if you are a first time camper. Every application will be considered and notified of scholarship when received– cause we’re cool like that!




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