This Week Happenings (June 12-18)

We will be having our third picnic in the park and this one is going to be a hot one! Great hamburgers and hotdogs from the Methodist Church and super cool EY crafts. We also have some great big time games from the Bethel Library for the kids!

Our main stage will be going country at 6:30pm when Billy Brown takes over! WOW! He can sing!  Check out his song Natural. 

The purpose of the picnics is to connect with our community. In a world that is going crazy, the only way to stop it is to get to know each other– to form friendships where we can check on our neighbors when they hit hard times. If we want to stop violence and drugs, we can’t be blind to those around us. We have to meet them. We have to help where we can. We have to protect the young and the elderly. We have to see needs. And, well, you just can’t do that running through a drive-thru.  So take a couple of hours and relax with your family and friends and be… community.

billy brown


We are in our second week of our Summer Food Summer Fun Program for Kids and Teens! It’s every Tuesday and Thursday this Summer. We have plenty of food. So make every effort to drop your child off for fun and lunch!

summer food summer fun



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