Why You Should Be At Our Picnic…


Well there’s the walking tacos…and the funnel cakes…

Then there’s the entertainment… Brent Hensley!

Or maybe you will be there just for the awesome Karate demonstration by Martial Arts America.

It could be the July 4th crafts by an incredible set of crazy crafters!

Then again the Girl Scouts will be in full force too!

But here’s the real reasons you should come out to the park– because it’s a great way to connect with folks you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s a great way for your kids to be completely unplugged. It’s a fantastic time for Dads to be Dads and Moms to be Moms…without having to worry about dishes, what to cook, or rushing off to some game.

Empower Youth highly recommends our sponsors Robo-Rigs and Elite Biomedical Solutions and we would love to fill the park with folks to say thank you to them for going the extra mile for our community.Whether you stay for the meal and bust out or you are able to stay all night–the greatest form of appreciation is just being there!



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