Shopping… my Saturday night

This evening, I shopped for about 3 hours pricing items for our upcoming weekend back pack menus. We are now sending packs home at Bethel, Grant, Amelia Elementary, and are have a few more schools planning for backpacks.
This week’s back pack will have 11 items:shelf stable milk, 100% juice, oatmeal, cereal, mini ravioli, ramen, pudding cup, soup, cracker stack, jiff to go peanutbutter, and popcorn. If we purchased all of these items, the cost of the pack would be approximately $3.43.
We are fortunate that many folks donate food items when the sales run so we did not have to purchase all the items on our list. We anticipate the need for 250 backpacks this week. We are projecting by December the need will grow to 400.
I’m attaching a list of our price points that we look for and where we are able to find these items. Mostly it takes all of us shopping. We purchase name brand when we can but we are always looking for the best deal and many times Kroger store brand for the ravioli and beefaroni products are our best bet.
How can you help us?
  • If you find the deal of the century (or the month), text me at 614-506-3694.
  • If you have any kind of buying power with a store or a food pantry program and can order the items we use at a discount, please let me know, we are positioned to buy a pallet of milk or other items if it saves us money.
  • Please look at our list and purchase the items on the list (we aren’t picky about brands).
  • Make a financial donation so that when the big sales come, we have the money to buy in bulk.
  • Follow Empower Youth or Lori Conley (that’s me) on facebook and purchase items when we make note of a special sale. Recently, the ravioli type products went for .53 a can and we were posting it all over the place.

And… we thank you 250 times a week and counting for helping us bring dignity and security to those who need a little extra on the weekends.



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