Wow! That went fast!

It’s hard to believe that January is gone! Out! Over! Wow!

We have had an amazing month at Empower Youth. Check out these bullet points!

  • We closed the books and this year… wait for it… we took in over $75,000.00 to help fill in the gaps of children and youth in Southern Ohio! Want to hear something crazy?? Only $4,000 of that was from a grant! The rest was YOU! img_8434YOU! YOU! As we finished entering the last contribution of 2016, my eyes leaked joy and thankfulness that from Texas to Haiti, from large companies to Mom and Pop businesses, from big churches to small churches, from families to individuals— YOU YOU YOU did this. You fed Southern Ohio children. You sent kids to camp. You brought communities together. You broke poverty barriers. You helped to open that savings account for a young boy. You!
  • 16179086_1823737487893821_8703709234227598471_oWe taught students in 16 different classes at Amelia Elementary all about leadership this past week (almost 400 students)! For 30 minutes in each class, we explained to students about the importance of being pro-active and not reactive! Our goal is to give each student basic skills to become leaders in their homes, schools, and community. We will be doing this almost monthly through the end of the school year and partnering with other community leaders to help us team teach. We were excited to work with Joey Rolen for our first lesson.
  • We added another school! Today we dropped off 85 bags to Fayetteville Elementary to be distributed to students from preschool all the way through high school. We are excited to start forming partnerships with businesses and churches in Fayetteville to help support this new relationship.20170131_115107
  • We added a volunteer coordinator!! Actually we added two! You can contact Scott and Dana Wedemeyer at to schedule your team in to pack bags.
  • We recruited two new delivery drivers! PINCH ME! We now only need a driver to deliver bags to William Bick Elementary. All other routes (including the new one to Fayetteville) are covered– that’s 5 drivers! If you’d like to take our last route, contact me NOW! This will require a van, truck, or good size SUV.
  • We held our first Poverty Class and packed it out! Blanchester Church of the Nazarene hosted– and we are still amazed at the attendance and connections that came from this class. From that class, we received an invite to do a second class with Brad Whiteford and Central Baptist Church in Williamsburg. Date to be announced soon.
  • We have met new friends through our volunteer pack nights and have been completely blown away by the enthusiasm.  20170131_140802


Every “we” in this blog means YOU! You are teaching. You are feeding. You are driving. You are learning about poverty and how to help and not hurt. You are packing. You are taking on more of the load so that more gets done. And in the end, lives are being changed– and I venture to say, it’s not just the kids!

Thank you! Come on February! Empower Youth can feel the love and is transferring it to the children and youth who are desperate for it!

— Lori Conley, Executive Director

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