Our Community Cares…

Empower Youth is nothing without a caring community! Thank you for making the youth of southern Ohio YOUR priority.


Anchor Fitness by Leah located in Batavia cares. This month they are collecting specific items for our weekend backpacks. These items are products that we can’t cut a break on and are desperately needed. They are also packing one day this month.


certa-pro-stroked1-e1336013469692 CertaPro Painters from Milford cares. This month they are packing weekend food bags for us twice! That’s over 600 bags. What’s really great is that their owner “gets” what we are doing and is sharing it with other folks like the rep from Sherwin Williams who tagged along on the first packing.



Hamersville Girl Scouts will be packing at the end of the month– these girl scouts aren’t just about the cookies.


We’ve had some wonderful church groups come through and are on the schedule to come through… Thank you to the Bethel Naz Youth who are packing during their 30 hour famine later this month. Thank you to Mt. Carmel Christian Church group who packed last month and have already scheduled another packing day!

And then there are the diehards… monthly we see the Bethel United Methodist Youth and Grant Career Center teens… wow! You guys are in it to win it!

Sunday we can’t wait to present our program to Bethel Assembly of God— a brand new monthly support team. On Monday, we are overly excited to receive a special donation from the Carrot Crunchers 4-H Club. 4-h_Club-290x300.jpg

Packing the bags is a great way to make friends and relieve the tension in the office! Right now, our fastest group is packing 320 bags under 45 minutes and our other groups are making it at about an hour and 15 minutes at the most. This is totally doable as an office event or a youth group outing.

Maybe your group would like to put some skin in the game and when you come to pack bring a donation of $199 to supply the ravioli for the week?

As we serve more and more students, our needs grow too and we are always looking for creative ways to fill the bags, send kids to camp, and further our goal of teaching leadership to students.

We are so thankful for groups like the teachers of Bethel-Tate who participated in a Lularoe fundraiser this past month with proceeds going to Empower Youth. We also had an awesome donation from a local VFW in Amelia bring us food products that we use every week in the bags. We are so grateful for Community Savings Bank of Bethel collecting food and once again being a support for our 2017 tshirts and the Earn Your Way program.

How would you like to help? Let us know! We don’t just help our youth dream big– there’s dreams for all of us to pursue.



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