Empower Youth Remembers: Peachie Glassmeyer

14717330_1778268599107377_5265049837128402894_nShe never really wanted the spotlight but honestly, she could fill up a room with her humor, heart, and charm. Peachie was a beacon of hope and promise to so many who crossed her path. We were fortunate enough to work with her this past year. And… we have been forever changed.

Peachie passed away from Pancreatic Cancer on Monday with her beloved family at her side. Our prayers are with Beau and their children. We know Peachie is at rest and now we pray you have peace and can finally exhale after an excruciating month.

We met Peachie in June of 2016 but started talking a bit before that. She was interested in our weekend back pack food program for her Grant Career Center students. She researched us and presented us for approval. Grant was quite an undertaking for us. The school works with mainly Juniors and Seniors. We expected just about 30 bags in a school of less than 400. However, Peachie changed that. She went class to class talking to the students about the EY bags and how it was not a handout but that no student should ever be hungry so “grow up and take it if you need it”. It was to alleviate one more worry. The bags were deserved and were there to make each student ready for school on Monday. After all the surveys were finished and the forms received, we started bringing 75 bags to the school. They are nearly all picked up every week. How did this happen? In our other high schools, students barely even hear about the program for fear of making students feel uncomfortable. Yet Peachie in her grit and tenacity made this about if you need it take it, if you don’t– don’t. If you like it– great. If you don’t, leave it. Simple. Effective. The bags are rolled out where the kids can grab them on the way to their cars or buses. There’s no “special” sign or secrecy… just grab and go.

Peachie also called on us for other little things needed, like deodorant and shampoo around homecoming. Basically, if she heard of a gap to be filled, she called us. If we could help we definitely did. We adopted her students with the same heart as she did– every student deserves to make it. Every student can succeed.

Our fondest memory is this past Fall when Peachie attended our Chipotle fundraiser. We were told that while we could hand out flyers outside the restaurant and tell people to mention us, that once inside we could not solicit their support. Do you think Peachie even paid attention to that? Not at all… she started telling everyone in line. “Now be sure to say you are here for Empower Youth when you pay.” Two ladies in front of her had to listen for at least twenty minutes as Peachie kept talking about EY and the great things we were doing for her beloved students. Well wouldn’t you know, when they got up to pay they forgot to say anything and Peachie immediately jumped in and said, “What are you supposed to say?” OH! I can still hear her!


Before Peachie took her leave from work, I was bringing her the crates for the backpacks. In fact, I bought new Teal ones so I was kind of bragging about how pretty they were. I told Peachie I picked them up to match her eyes. Peachie then told me that something was just not right and that she knew it was serious and would be taking a leave from work. She very meticulously went through every name and number that I needed. She filled my head with potential new contacts for our work. She told me about the Soil Conservation group and about good folks like her waiting to do something with us. Through her sickness the last month, I would still get a text here and there. Peachie never talked about herself. She just encouraged the work. Wow, she really had that down good.

When we received word that Peachie had requested donations be made to Empower Youth in lieu of flowers at her passing, again Peachie overwhelmed. Even typing this, tears are streaming as we remember her… sigh… she will forever be a treasure to my husband and I.

If you would like to give in memory of Peachie, here is the link.

We have already received gifts from friends and will update this daily with the gifts of love and tribute made to her. We will send the specifics to her family.

As of this posting Memorial Gifts have been made for Peachie Glassmeyer by:

Fidelity Investments

Teachers and Staff of Grant Career Center

Stephanie Shelander

Susang Grogan Faller

Tracy Beach

Bettyann Marx

Jennifer Hill

Sue Bee-Jones

Julie Bryant

Jason Sorenson

Adele Wehrum

Peggy Szygenda

Michael Koesters

Martha Lambert

Kaia Olatunde

Karen Nuckolls

Mary J. Willke

Michele Colchin

Fideles Mattingly

Colin and Leah Klump

Pamela McKinney

Martha McDonald

Mary Lachmann

Joe Glassmeyer

Lori Wood

Scott Hakel

Debra Quentel

Janet Jackson

Kimberly Scwettman

Geoffrey Burkhart

Amy Ninichuck

Friendfeed & Mokum friends of Sarah & Susan

Pamela Sisney

Brenda Camery

Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Elizabeth Glassmeyer

Cattleman’s Association

Clermont County Public Health

EPA Friends/Jody Shoemaker

Adam & Angela Rutherford

Jeffrey & Jane Stine



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