Big News!

We’ve come a long way!!! In 2015, our first picnic in the park had more volunteers than we had “pick-nickers”! We served 3000 meals that summer. Last year, we served 4000 summer meals. 1 meal = 1 connection. 4000 meals = 4000 connections = community!

We believe in community! We believe community changes lives. Our hearts cannot contain the news– our executive directors, Lori and Scott Conley are now raising an administrative budget to become our full-time leadership! Lori recently resigned from her position as Children’s Minister at Community Christian Church in order to devote all her focus to EY and her family. The money for this endeavor is not in our current budget. We have always prided ourselves on a low to no overhead cost; however, we are growing and in order to expand our weekend food bag program and be more present in our locals schools through leadership training, we are now raising funds specifically for Scott and Lori’s salary in addition to our regular programming funds. As Lori and Scott raise the funds for their salary and prepare to move on our EY Ranch campus, we ask that you continue to share their story with new folks. They would love to come to your company, organization, church, or group and share their vision. Send Lori an email at to schedule a time with her and Scott.

If you have never heard them speak, check out the video below to just get a taste of their passion for the work. Right now Lori and Scott are both running between camps and college visits and wrapping up a beautiful ministry at Community Christian Church but when they get a breather, you will hear more from them.



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