Words are powerful. Use your influence.


Words are powerful. Your words are powerful.

This week, Empower Youth has experienced the power of words. The power of words this week– the influence of others– gave us a mower to replace our personal mower that we brought to the farm on a work day (that was destroyed on said work day, it happens). The power of words this week– the influence of others– landed us the promise of 26 tons of gravel for the property for parking and drainage needs. The power of words this week– the influence of others– brought in two donations towards our administrative fund bringing the $50,000/year need to $34,400/year need. The power of words this week — the influence of others– has someone asking for a hay wagon from a neighbor for Empower Youth this week.

To run a program like Empower Youth, we need the good word of friends speaking on our behalf to folks we can help and folks who can help us.

So what can you say?

Say what Empower Youth has meant to you in your community.

Say how that one child in your class looks forward to Friday like it was his birthday because he comes home with a weekend food bag.

Say how you have seen a difference in the lives of the families that come to our community picnics in the park over the last three years.

Say how your child was able to go to camp for the first time.

Say how you have been mentoring one of the high school students on our behalf.

Say how you couldn’t believe how the students opened up in your class during one of the Empower Youth leadership classes.

Say how Empower Youth gave your child courage to work all summer and succeed.

Say how you came to tennis parking and you were blown away by the student volunteers.

Say, “I’d love you to talk with Scott and Lori Conley about what they are doing in southern Ohio. It will blow you away and I think we can do something meaningful for their organization.”

Who can you talk to?

Talk to your company. Because Pam and Scott believed in our program American Modern has sent groups to volunteer for parking, groups to pack food bags, groups to work on the farm– and American Modern is contributing this month to Empower Youth through their Women’s Day program.

Talk to your company. Because Scott talked to his company, for the second year in a row we will be giving all the kindergarten students in the schools we work with a brand new pillow, pillow case, and stuffed animal. Because he talked to his company, they sponsored a meal in the park for the second year in a row. Because he talked to his company, we have packing tables.

Talk to your company. Because John talked to his board, we have a 15.25 acre ranch. Because John talked to his board, we receive quarterly contributions from them personally towards our administrative budget. His team packs regularly and even created opportunities for us to talk about what we do!

Talk to your company. Because Jeff talked to his company, we have a monthly donation towards our administrative budget and they have sponsored a picnic two years in a row.

Talk to your company. Because Melanie talked to her company, they packed for us twice, helped sponsor a picnic, and painted the inside of our packing barn.

Talk to your company. Because Mike talked to his neighboring company store, Lowes in Beechmont and Milford both helped renovate our packing barn. And because Mike kept talking, they went above and beyond anyone could imagine.

Talk to your company. Because Steve talked to his company, we have a custom restaurant equipment for our packing barn as well as for the picnic in the park next year.

Talk to your neighbor. Because Ken talked to his neighbor, we are getting 26 tons of gravel.

Talk to your church family. Because Ivan talked to his church, we received a large one time gift to help us through this week.

Talk to your church family. Because Sharee talked to her church family, we now have a packing team that loves to help us when we are in a pinch…and for the second year in a row they helped with our picnics in the park.

Talk to your Momma. Because Dale talked to his Momma, she gave us the nearly new mower we needed to replace our broken one.

Talk to your sister-in-law. Because James talked to Maggie, we have the most perfect shade of peach you have ever seen on our packing barn!

Talk to your son. Because Ruth talked to her son, a bulldozer cleared our property.

Talk to your family. Because son talked to his Mom and then Mom talked to all the kids, we have a trailer that we take to the park with supplies all summer long.

Talk to your workout buddies. Now we can’t exactly, follow this one down to who talked to who but because someone talked to someone, Anchor Fitness is a collection zone for our weekend food bag food and they have been to pack for us.

Talk to your rotary club. Because Heather talked to someone in rotary, we have been able to speak at two clubs and we’ve heard rumor there is a project day coming.

What do you ask for?

If your company, church, or organization has the interest and has reached a success level that they want to do more, ask them to be a core $1000/month sponsor and contribute to our administrative budget. This budget is new this year because we now have a full time director that receives no pay til there is money in the admin fund.

Perhaps, they just love kids and they want to reach the poorest of the poor. Ask them to help us start up the bags in Lynchburg schools. Ask them to sponsor 10 students a month for $150/month. With a need of $9000 a month to feed 600 students, this program really needs a financial boost.

If your Momma gets all choked up when she hears you talk about the children of Appalachia Ohio, ask her to sponsor a child or to donate 5 cans of ravioli every time she goes shopping.

Ask them to come pack weekend food bags and bring some ravioli.

Ask them for a car. Seriously. If your uncle has a car that’s just sitting there, ask him to donate it to Empower Youth. We will either sell it or modify it to be used for teaching students driver’s education.

Ask for the moon. Ask for a meeting with the president of Community Relations. Ask for an offering. Ask for an audience with the outreach team. Ask them to come to the ribbon cutting on October 27 to see what we are doing.

But please, ask.


What do you do if they already sponsor Empower Youth?

Thank them! Cry a little. Let them know you love to be with people who love what you love. And please, tell them not to stop! 🙂

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