American Modern

American Modern has been deep in the muck “literally” of our property almost since the day we received it. Since receiving our property, many hard working people from this great company have been “standing by our side” which makes sense–since that’s the company’s motto.

American Modern has long had a commitment to community and we are excited to have their different departments come on board and work with us at the ranch. This year we also were recipients of a $1000 donation from the American Modern Women’s Networking Event. This could not have come at a better time as we are taking on even more schools this year.

We have had three different departments make plans to work on the farm this year and one came twice! American Modern also helped us with our major parking fundraiser by sending groups two days. What gluttons for punishment!! Actually, what amazing servants!

We love American Modern and are proud to call them our friends. Look below to see some of the amazing working they have done for us. We are sure wherever they go, they make an impact!

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