EY Ranch Ribbon Cutting in the books!

It was a fantastic Friday afternoon full of joy and happy tears as Empower Youth and Community Savings Bank came together to cut the ribbon officially on the Empower Youth Ranch. The crowd of dignitaries, volunteers, friends and curiosity seekers was amazing and we are grateful for everyone in attendance.

This day was a culmination of hours of work from countless volunteers. Right up until the last minute we had people spreading hay, making food, and putting up signage. We are thankful to be placed in this spot of the county and are excited to see how the Empower Youth Ranch can model to all how to fight the war on poverty and apathy. Together we make a difference. Everyone helping each other. Everyone caring for their neighbor. Everyone becoming so uncomfortable that instead of posting on facebook or twitter, they pick up their gifts and talents and use them to change lives.

As we head in to winter we will be buttoning up the ranch to prepare for the huge things coming in the Spring and Summer, however, we will still be fighting the fight every day. We will still be packing the bags in Peachie’s Place. We will still be teaching leadership classes. We will still be finding resources to send even more students to summer camp and on college visits.

The donations and volunteer work of our friends in Clermont, Brown, and Highland County are keeping us moving forward. Thank you for all your support. Lets keep at it– filling in the gaps and changing lives!

We also used our ribbon cutting as a way to launch our Peachie’s Peaches Fundraiser. We displayed 150 envelopes marked with money amounts of $1 to $150 amount. You pick the envelope you want to give through, fill it with that amount of money and either mail it to us or post your money to us through paypal.  We still have envelopes left to be picked. If you would like to give to Peachie’s Peaches which will help stock the food in Peachie’s Place please go to DONATE NOW!  To see the current peaches on the tree, click this link.  Of course, you are welcome to give your own amount 🙂

So far, from the peaches that were taken, when the donations are mailed or posted through paypal we will have raised $3551. The remaining peaches will bring in another $7774.

Check out our facebook page for up to date information. Our work changes and moves quickly– so like us and be informed. https://www.facebook.com/empoweredyouth/

Here are just a few pics… more are on our facebook link.





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