A Christmas poem…

It’s not every day, I feel poetic… but the lack of sleep and unexpected blessings will do that…

At 10 past 10 on December 2-1,

The ranch was dark and the elfing was done.

Scott and Lori had closed the barn and locked it up tight.
The glow bouncing off the pallets were quite a sight.

Only one task left this year to complete,
Give the dream big pillows away then it was time to retreat.

Merry Christmas to all as we come to year end,

May you write us a check with your favorite pen.

For those we’ve bled dry, we will pray for your healing,

May you live to give again and find that loving feeling.

For in 2018, we will need more food for the kids

And writing a check is easier than unloading the skids 😉

But all silliness aside, we are so thankful for you!

May you feel as blessed right now as for sure we do!


Have a Fierce New Year!


One thought on “A Christmas poem…

  1. Love you guys! I don’t have hug big enough to show how how grateful I am for all you do and the love you share with everyone in the community.

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