Empower Youth 4H Club

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first Empower Youth 4H Club. We have long been impressed by the leadership, public speaking, and every day life skills that 4H offers for students. These characteristics completely line up with the vision we have for all students. The program is designed to encourage students to pick projects that they like as well as stretch themselves and pick a project that is new and different to them.



We are excited to join the ranks of great groups like Bethel Beefers and Sheepers and the Carrot Crunchers. While these groups focus on livestock and small animals, we will be focusing on general projects including:

Clothing and Textile Science: Accessories for Teens, Sew Fun, Designed By Me, Sundresses and Jumpers, Em-Bel-Ish: Wearable Art, Sew for Others, Active Sportswear, Look Great for Less– plus about 10 other classes available!

Communication: Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking, Demonstrations

Creative and Leisure Arts: Cake Decorating, Collecting, Fine Arts, Genealogy, Photography, Scrapbooking, Theater Arts, Writing

Food and Nutrition: Beginning Cooking, Snack Attack!, Everyday Food and Fitness, Fast Break for Breakfast, Let’s Bake Quick Breads, Sports Nutrition, Grill Master, Star Spangled Foods, Party Planner

Healthy Living: You’re the Athlete, Keeping Fit, First Aid in Action, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, The Truth About Tobacco, Your Thoughts Matter

Home Living: Laundry Project, Makeover My Space, Plan your first home away from home!

Leadership and Citizenship: Become a Club Officer, Teen Leadership Group

Money Management: Become Money Wise, Teens on the Road to Financial Success

Natural Resources: Canning and Freezing, Gardening, Explore the Outdoors, Exploring Ponds, Ohio Birds, Trapping Muskrats in OH, Fishing, Beekeeping, Insects

Shooting Sports: Safe Use of Guns, Basic Archery

STEM:  includes Rockets, ATV training, Bicycle, Science Fun, Electricity, Small Engines, Tractor and Machinery, Welding

Woodworking: Measuring Up, Making the Cut, Nailing It Together, Finishing It Up, Woodworking Master

Workforce Preparation: Am I Ready for Work?


To be a 4-H member, a child must be age 8 and in the third grade. However, this group spans all the way to age 18. We have 5 leaders committed to this program so we can definitely cater to a wide age group PLUS this allows family participation with multiple age children. 


We are limiting our enrollment to 15 students this year. You must express your interest as soon as possible. The Deadline to enroll in our program is March 15.

Why the size limit?

4-H encourages leadership. We feel that a small group will allow all students to participate in Club decision-making and leadership roles. Our hope is that this first group will not be the only 4-H group Empower Youth will host. As we get more students interested and more leader volunteers we plan to add more groups. Each group governing themselves and working independent.

We want to include everyone. No student who expresses the desire to be a 4-H Member will be turned away as long as they are working towards improving themselves and their community. A smaller group will allow us to fill in gaps for students with special needs or circumstances.


The cost for our group is minimal. The cost of the project book is $6.  We are holding students to 3 projects MAX. We may also charge a minimal club dues of  50cents per meeting to help with small expenses.


Our goal is to prepare students for leadership opportunities and to showcase their projects in the County and State Fair (if they receive a green ribbon for their county project).

Meeting times:

We will meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at the Bethel Library from 6-7p for the months of March, April, and May.

In June, we will step up our game and move out to the EY RANCH to continue working on projects for the fair. We anticipate meeting 3 times that month.

In July, we will have a meeting before fair to make sure we are ready to go!

After the fair during Fall and Winter, we will kind of lay low and have a fun get-together meeting here and there or offer a special event to go to as a group.

Fair Time:

July 22-28, we will have a club booth to set up… this should be a lot of fun!

State Fair: if you receive a green ribbon for your project and would like to attend, the date is July 25-August 5. We will make this a day trip if we have students interested. Additional cost of state fair goodies should be expected.








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