Shoot the Moon at Hunger Walk 5K

Let’s Shoot the Moon! Goal: $10,000!

We need 500 participants for the Freestore Foodbank Hunger Walk and 5K run.

What happens when we have 500 folks register for the Empower Youth team at $20 a pop? We keep the money!

What? Shut up! YES!

I have had it confirmed about a hundred times (partly cause I’m A.D.D. and partly cause I just think it’s unbelievable) that for every person who registers for the Empower Youth team, the fees go towards our Freestore Foodbank bill for the year. Last year we spent a total of $12,512.08.

How can you help? Get a team together, sign up, and walk for Empower Youth.

Here’s the link:

When you register, you can sign up for the “EMPOWER YOUTH” team or you can form your own team and click to the right that you are supporting “Empower Youth”.



Can I register and not walk or run, just roll around in my bed that day? YES. We will still get the money.

Could Lori or Scott come to my work and speak about Empower Youth to help us sign up a team? YES.

Are their t-shirts? Yes if you pay the $25 fee you will get a t-shirt.

What groups should get a team? companies, churches, small groups, schools, 4H clubs, boy scouts, girl scouts, fitness clubs…


hunger 5 k walk shoot the moon

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