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May 14, 2018

This has been a very busy week. Due to the fast paced ever changing world of Empower Youth, most of the cool stuff that’s happening makes it to facebook but never gets on our webpage.

So here are some highlights:

This past weekend, Empower Youth held our annual Send a Kid To Camp Yardsale. Under the direction of Betty Howell, our Fundraising Director and a small army of volunteers we managed to set up the barn and courtyard in about 48 hours for a total of 16 hours of selling. The response was awesome especially since this is the first time to have the sale at our ranch. The mission to send kids to camp is always compelling… but just in case, our Executive Director Lori Conley made sure to do a few commercials on Facebook to bring in the crowds.

The night before our yardsale we held our Spring Wreath Making Class with Gail Siefert as our instructor. We had a sold out crowd in less than 6 hours of posting the class was open.

Here are some pics from the class:

Gail spent many hours preparing for the class and even donated the supplies herself.

Betty and Gail have a lot in common, they believe that every child who wants to go to camp should be given that opportunity. We are so glad they feel this way because their weekend brought in:


This weekend gave us such a jump on our camp program! With a $20,000 bill staring us down, this is a great way to get started.

But wait there’s more…

This weekend we had the great privilege of hosting Crossroads #golocal18 on our campus. Crossroads sent in a group on Saturday and a group on Sunday. Both groups worked incredibly hard, staying way past their committed time to get the jobs done.

Our Saturday group conquered putting in a wood floor on our existing concrete floor… the floor had to be leveled as there were so many imperfections. We are so pleased with the results but even better, we were able to see other folks who love like we do! Our goals has always been to fill in the gaps and ask questions later… This team definitely had that vision as well.


Our Sunday group was huge. So much was accomplished as this group was able to divide and conquer many projects. Our plan to complete the bathroom in the Art Barn was thwarted as soon as our construction leader saw that in fact the structure was in desperate need of framing before any type of plumbing could take place. He spent his day filling in the gaps in the red barn to assure its stability.

The huge amount of teens that came with this group allowed us to really clean up after the yard sale. They were able to hoist up items we wanted to save for folks in need as well a put a few Christmas trees away for our Giant Christmas party we are planning for the end of the year.

Meanwhile, down at the pond, crews were cutting trees and pulling stumps until… it became necessary to pull in the big guns– literally!











You could say our experience with Crossroads was explosive!

The next few weeks are going to have us pretty busy…

We will be giving away our first scholarships to students for help with their next steps after high school…

We will have our first campers go to camp…

Our new Summer interns will be arriving…

We start our Summer Food Summer Fun food programs for kids in Bethel and local trailer parks…

AND we start our Picnics in the Park in Bethel, OH!

picnic girl face

This first picnic always takes a little longer to set up. Maybe it’s because we’ve had almost a year off! So if you would like to volunteer to set up, please email our volunteer coordinator, Pam at volunteer.empoweryouth@gmail.com

We are still looking for teams, individuals, or organizations to provide the desserts for our meals on June 6, June 27, August 1, and August 8. If you are interested, please email Lori at toempoweryouth@gmail.com!

Like our facebook page @empoweryouth to stay up on the newest things happening! There are many gaps to fill in Clermont, Brown, and Highland County and you may be the answer!

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