The Picnics Are Coming and More…

For most of our students, school is out or at least it will be after today. While many of our friends look forward to an easy-paced summer, at Empower Youth it is quite the opposite.

Here is an update on what we have coming:

It’s Camp Time!

Our first students will be going to camp the first week of June!  Empower Youth has committed to scholarshipping more than 100 children this year to go to camp. The scholarship process has been more involved as we have asked students to write, draw a picture, or send a video as part of the process. As we are growing leaders at Empower Youth, we have asked students to fill out the forms to have a sense of pride because in their hearts, they have earned the scholarship. This isn’t about Mom or Dad, this is about the student.  We have had some very thoughtful submissions this year.

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Empower Youth Leadership Scholarship

Empower Youth was able to present our first scholarships for students at Grant Career Center. This year we presented three $500 scholarships in honor of Peachie Glassmeyer. The award winners were: Cedar Reedy, Blessing Sturm, and Michaela Vogel.

Here is the presentation by Lori Conley and some pictures for those who could not attend.

“Empower Youth became a partner with Grant Career Center in September of 2016. Our goal was to fill in the gaps that schools see but need outside resources to cover. That partnership was cemented by the hands of a dear friend Peachie Glassmeyer. As Seniors, you are the last class that would have known her and for that I’m terribly sad. Peachie advocated for every student to pull themselves up from wherever they find themselves and become someone that they could admire when they looked in the mirror. Her heart was as big and loud as her laugh. She dug for answers. She asserted herself into everyone’s business and she didn’t take no for an answer.

In the Spirit of Peachie, I think we have found some wonderful applicants for our first Empower Youth Leadership Scholarships. This year the scholarships are all given in memory of Peachie. Peachie’s husband Beau and her son Joe are here with my husband to present you each a $500 scholarship.

Our first recipient is Cedar Reedy. Cedar, I want you to know that you already have done amazing gutsy things. I know Peachie would be proud to see you take this scholarship and be the first in your family to attend and graduate college.

Our second recipient is Blessing Sturm. Blessing, I believe Peachie would have been tickled at your tenacity to follow your heart and open your own bakery one day—despite a non-compete clause. You are a great fighter! Never stop fighting and expanding your gifts and talents.

Finally, we stretched ourselves and will be offering a 3rd scholarship to Michaela Vogel. We decided that Peachie would be giving us a big wink if we presented this next scholarship to an aggressive student as well as caring and brave volunteer. Peachie would have loved your blanket project for the homeless… and she would’ve loved your hair cut!

Ladies please know we love you and if you ever need help along the journey, just call.”


Are you looking for a place to serve this Summer? WE NEED WORKERS ON OUR RANCH!

Building Projects: We currently are trying to do 2 building projects, a pond, and tear down a house. In the very near future we want to build a pole barn manager’s home that features an office and a dining hall to serve 30 people at a time.

We need skilled and unskilled labor coming in willing to make a difference. There is much work to do that Youth and Adults are able to do on our ranch. It is dirty. It’s not a place for dainty folks, but there are great rewards for Empower Youth and the Appalachian community– and we feed you!

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Summer Food Summer Fun Program

This year we are doing 3 Summer food programs. We will have a base program at Hill Intermediate and then we will take our food on the road to Tall Timbers Trailer Park and Hi-View Estates Trailer Park. This will be every Tuesday and Thursday. We are in need of volunteers to help us with this great program.

If you can help, please email Pam at

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Finally, the PICNICS in the park are here!

This has been a huge undertaking for us. As we have grown as an organization there has been pure joy in finding companies, churches, organizations, and individuals to come alongside us and make our picnics a true out-pouring of the community! We love our town of Bethel, the birthplace of Empower Youth– so it’s no wonder that this picnic has become a symbol of the hope we all share for a future where the darkness of worry, poverty, drugs, and loneliness can be soothed by relationships with one another.

Check out this amazing line up!



Support for our Executive Directors

Not much has changed in the last 3 years when it comes to how we are funded. We still run our program entirely on donations. As the program has grown, we have realized the need to add Scott and Lori Conley as full time directors. They’ve been doing this for the last three years as volunteers. This past September, Lori became our full-time director while Scott is putting in more than 30 hours a week on top of his real job in printing. It is our hope that over the next year, more people will partner with Empower Youth and give to allow us to pay Scott and Lori both a meager salary and build them a simple pole barn home on the property. If you want to hear more about this, please contact Lori at The need is great in Appalachia Ohio and the passion that Scott and Lori have for the youth and young families have given them the courage to make the necessary sacrifices to pour all they have in to this work.

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