Hi Friends!

I am getting stronger every day. I wanted to ask you would consider bringing a team to the Western Southern Tennis Tournament to park cars for Empower Youth or if you would help us with the remaining days of Homearama.

First the why: Between both of these events, we will raise $14,000 to pay towards our $22,000 camp bill. That’s a pretty good chunk of change.

And now a testimony to show you why we believe that parking cars is a ministry. This was sent to me from one of our Empower Youth moms.

“Short story.  Therapy day for the little girls. The therapist noticed my oldest’s Empower Youth shirt and her face lights up. She tells me how she was stuck in the mud at Homerama and needed help. Even the tow truck was backed up. Then come teens wearing the EY shirts. They get her out of mud like a brigade. She said those young kids put rocks under her tires and worked hard all while asking her if she knows Jesus. They got her out. She does know Jesus. She was happy that I was going to tell you directly how appreciative she was. She said the kids and volunteers were wonderful and had spoken with Scott. Your light shines so bright it hit our therapist. Love you!”

There are probably a hundred other ways we could earn money but right now parking is fast, takes little training, and makes a fast team of anyone who sets out to do it. I would love for your team to have the same experience.

I’m posting below the holes we have in our schedule. We picked parking because it’s easy and everyone can feel like a hero. You can be our hero by bringing out a team. We will have an adult and our parking coordinator on site to help you and to make sure you eat great while you are there.

Sunday August 5 at Homearama:  I need 6 workers. This can be any combination of teens and adults.  We work from 11am-10p. That’s the closing night. Address: 3284 Columbia Road, Lebanon, OH 45036  Email if you can help.  If you are catching a ride from The EY Ranch, plan to be at the ranch at 10a and get back around 11p.


Western Southern Open Tennis Parking Shifts. Sign up from a desktop computer or change your tablet/phone to desktop view and go to  You can pick your shifts and will just have to watch a couple of videos for training. THIS IS SO EASY.


Day        Date      Time to be there              How many people needed

Sat          8/11       7:30-11:30am                     10

Sat          8/11       11am to 4pm                     11


Sun        8/12       7:30-11:30am                     17

Sun        8/12       11a-4pm                              11


Mon      8/13       8:30a-12pm                        18

Mon      8/13       11:30a-4pm                        15


Tues      8/14       8:30a-12pm                        22

Tues       8/14       11:30-4pm                           16


Wed      8/15       8:30a-12pm                        23

Wed      8/15       11:30-4pm                           16


Thur       8/16       8:30a-12pm                        22

Thur       8/16       11:30-4pm                           16


Friday    8/17       8:30a-12pm                        19

Friday    8/17       11:30-4pm                           11


Sat          8/18       9a-1p                                     14

Sat          8/18       12:30-4p                               12


So many folks love and like all the pictures we post from our camps. They do come with a hefty price. If you are able to help park with your family or a group from your work, church, or other organization: take this opportunity to do something amazing and strengthen the ties that bond!

Any questions? Our board President Sam Bock would love to talk with you. You can email her at

I already filled in my time on the charts. I’m hoping I’m able to make a difference this year!



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