Falling All Over Ourselves With Gratitude

It’s hard to believe we are already into Fall! Summer flew by with parking, interns, and camp. And then there was that big State Farm grant! Wow!

We did it! You did it! Your votes, your hours volunteering, your trust in sending your kids to camp with us made set Empower Youth on task to empower! As we head into the new season of weekend foodbags we are realizing the true magnitude of this year. We estimate that through the weekend food bags that if a child can make 3 meals out of each bag that we are feeding more than 9,000 meals a month! We cannot do this without your help. Please continue to give towards our $80,000/year food budget. Please continue to give so that we can pay our full time executive director a salary (by the way, if the kids don’t eat–she doesn’t take a salary).

We still have much to do on the ranch but it is coming together. Who knew a septic system in Clermont County could be so hard? (Says everyone we talk to for advice.) But it is coming together. We are to the point of adding electricity to the long barn project and moving on to HVAC.  I’m proud to say we have a real working bathroom in the little red barn and there is a door to it now (privacy seems to be a great selling point).

The $25,000 grant is already being put to use as it was written and will be allocated to completely support our Education Director’s salary as well as all the supplies needed to run the education pilot program that we are turning loose on the Bethel Middle School, High School and Primary School. Since this grant was written for education, we are very careful to make sure everything paid for from this grant goes into our leadership classes. If you would like more information regarding our leadership classes, please email our Education Director, Sandy Marquez at MarquezEmpowerYouth@gmail.com. Sandy has already been busy putting together a toolbox for leaders. You can go directly to that sister website at http://www.leadertoolbox.org.

Thanksgiving boxes: We have been blessed to partner with Crossroads church to offer Thanksgiving boxes to all our students. If your family would like a Thanksgiving box including a frozen turkey. Please fill out this form.

Christmas Elves: This year our elves have gotten together to throw a gigantic party for all the kids and their families. So instead of delivering bags of gifts– we are putting all our efforts into a Christmas Wonderland Party. The party will be held on December 15. There is a specific time for each school we serve with a few spots for add ins. If you think you would be interested in coming please get your registration in early. Every family in attendance will receive a box of food for Christmas, gift for each child birth through 19 years old, and more surprises of activities and fun!

To sign up to receive a golden ticket, please fill out this form:


We are so thankful for everyone who has helped us continue to serve the youth of Clermont, Brown, and Highland county. This is definitely a team effort! Stay tuned through our facebook to find more opportunities to serve!

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