The School Bell’s are ringing

We are so excited for all the students and teachers as the new school year begins. We love seeing the Facebook posts of parents taking their kids back to school. They all look so cute wearing their new backpacks and shoes. Haircuts, chalkboard signs and cool clothes are flooding our feeds and bringing smiles to our faces.

While we are smiling for all of those kiddos, here at Empower Youth our hearts and minds can’t help but turn to those that aren’t showing on our newsfeed. The family that can’t afford the new clothes or backpacks. The children who are wearing hand me down shoes and who are waking up their younger siblings to make sure they get to the breakfast line in time at school.

Each school year brings us a little sadness for these children but also a great amount of hope.

We hope that these children are shown love in their classrooms.

We hope that these children can now get their bellies full for 2 meals a day, which for some is the scariest part of summer.

We hope they learn just how amazing they can be.

We hope that they are connected with people who will build relationships with them and show them that they are capable of anything.

We hope they get to be kids.

We hope for them because sometimes no one else is.

We see you. We believe in you. We are here for you.

If you are interested in supporting one child’s weekend food packs for $15/month or $135/school year please follow this link to set up your donation:

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