Falling All Over Ourselves With Gratitude

It’s hard to believe we are already into Fall! Summer flew by with parking, interns, and camp. And then there was that big State Farm grant! Wow! We did it! You did it! Your votes, your hours volunteering, your trust in sending your kids to camp with us made set Empower Youth on task to … Continue reading Falling All Over Ourselves With Gratitude


Hi Friends! I am getting stronger every day. I wanted to ask you would consider bringing a team to the Western Southern Tennis Tournament to park cars for Empower Youth or if you would help us with the remaining days of Homearama. First the why: Between both of these events, we will raise $14,000 to … Continue reading PARKING FUNDRAISERS

I’m not playing…

Two weeks ago, I wrote the most read blog our website has ever recorded in the 3 years we have been a 501c3. The title: We’re not going anywhere. It was a bold statement of the mission of my husband and myself and our work with Empower Youth. It was and is still the focus … Continue reading I’m not playing…

We’re Not Going Anywhere.

The following letter is from our Executive Director, Lori Conley. This is from her heart and how she sees her work advancing the Empower Youth mission of giving youth a future. One of the things that we love about Lori and her husband Scott is their vision…. The letter attached is asking for support to … Continue reading We’re Not Going Anywhere.

There’s An Elephant Sitting On Me

There is more than one kind of poverty. When you direct a non-profit that is neck deep filling in gaps in rural poverty, lines blur as much as your eyes do from the stinging tears you constantly find yourself fighting back. The last few days my eyes are red a lot. The elephant sitting on … Continue reading There’s An Elephant Sitting On Me

Summer at the Ranch

Scott has been around the ranch and made a very inclusive list. We will add or take away from this list as work gets done.  How cool would it be for this blog post to be empty by the end of Summer? Let us know your project interest and when you are coming to do … Continue reading Summer at the Ranch