Dear Santa,

This year Empower Youth has received a lot of Christmas wishes. We are thrilled that elves are popping up everywhere to help kids have a better Christmas this year in Southern Ohio.

Since it’s working so well for all the kids and their Christmas wishes, I thought I would write to you for a few wishes of my own.

This year I would like less.

Please give me less hungry kids.

Please Santa let there be less Daddies who leave Mommies this year.

Give me less funerals of Mommies to attend this year.

I would like to go to Juvenile Court less this year.

Let there be no teen suicides this year.

I’d love to see less bullies at the school this year.

Finally, I do ask that you would give me less anxiety over the decisions I make that don’t hit the target.

On second thought Santa, I think I’ll take this right to the Lord. It’s too much for you and it’s too much for me.

My heart tells me that when God works through his people even my list of less is possible.

All my love and Christmas cookies, Lori