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Did you Know…

  • that there are children in this community who don’t have a bed to sleep in, or a pillow to lay their heads on at night? Can you imagine how difficult it must be for them to get a good night’s sleep?
  • Study after study reveal the negative impact a lack of sleep, or poor quality of sleep has on students. Being unable to concentrate, fatigue, and hyperactivity are just a few of the many side affects. Children who don’t get proper sleep are much more likely to struggle in school both academically and behaviorally.

At Empower Youth, we believe that every child should be able to sleep well at night, and have the resources and the opportunity to succeed in school.

Will you help us?

We are looking for folks to sew pillowcases for this project. If you are able, please email toempoweryouth@gmail.com or call Scott Conley at (513)582-3067.

Financial donations to purchase pillows, fabric for pillow cases, and new stuffed animals can be made directly to this program via PayPal.

Dream Big 2017

Providing pillows for Kindergarten students in 4 school systems is a huge undertaking! We are proud to say that Multi-Color of Norwood Ohio has provided our pillows for the last two years. This is no small undertaking.

Just picking up the pillows was an amazing feat!

Dream Big by MultiColor Norwood
7 SKIDS OF PILLOWS! Dreaming big on how we are going to get these transported to the EY Ranch!

Once we had the pillows at the EY Ranch, we had a big job of tie-dying all the pillow cases. It was so big, we had to get the cosmetology students of Grant Career Center involved! They were tie-dying and ironing on the Dream Big labels with every spare moment!

Once the pillowcases were tie-dyed then it was time to stuff the pillows! That job fell to the Bethel-Tate Softball team. Not only did the team stuff the pillows in those cases but also stuffed animals donated to us by Lights of Hope. The leader of this organization is also an employee of Multi-Color Norwood!

Finally the pillows were ready to be delivered. Our director Lori Conley and her helpers delivered to each classroom. Some pillows were waiting on the desks of students and others were waiting for the students to grab as they headed home at the end of the day!

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The most important part of the dream big project is the message to the students! This is our first step in building a relationship with them. The relationship between EY and our school students allows us to do even greater things for them in the future like send them to camp and on special leadership opportunities! Perhaps one of these students will one day be an intern at the EY Ranch!

We’ve included the message we shared with our students at William Bick Primary in Bethel… it’s from a facebook feed so it’s not as clear as we would like, but you get the idea! Enjoy!

Please call Lori Conley [614-506-3694] if you would like your business or organization to work with this special project for the 2018-2019 school year. We would love to advertise your involvement in our community. This is a great project for youth groups, scouts, and other community service organizations.

Donate now and help a child dream big!

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