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Did you Know…

  • that there are children in this community who don’t have a bed to sleep in, or a pillow to lay their heads on at night? Can you imagine how difficult it must be for them to get a good night’s sleep?
  • Study after study reveal the negative impact a lack of sleep, or poor quality of sleep has on students. Inablility to concentrate, fatigue, and hyperactivity are just a few of the many side affects. Children who don’t get proper sleep are much more likely to struggle in school both academically and behaviorally.

At Empower Youth, we believe that every child should be able to sleep well at night, and have the resources and the opportunity to succeed in school.

Will you help us? By providing a student with a pillow, or a donation toward the purchase of one, you will be taking a step in helping them achieve success. Empower Youth will finish out the Dream Big project by providing each child with their own “cool” pillowcase and a small stuffed animal.

Pillows and stuffed animals (new, not used please) can be donated to Empower Youth’s Dream Big Program during our picnic at Burke Park on Wednesdays from 6-8pm or at Community Christian Church (125 W. Plane St. Bethel, OH) Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm.

We are looking for folks to sew pillowcases for this project. If you are able, please email toempoweryouth@gmail.com or call Lori Conley at 614-506-3694.

Financial donations to purchase pillows, fabric for pillow cases, and new stuffed animals can be made directly to this program via PayPal.

Please call Lori Conley [614-506-3694] if you would like your business or organization to take this on as a special project. We would love to advertise your involvement in our community. This is a great project for youth groups, scouts, and other community service organizations.

We would like to expand this beyond our local community. All donations received for the Dream Big project will go solely for this project.  Donate now and help a child dream big!

One Comment on “Dream Big!

  1. Wow! I’ve never thought of this. I’m floored. Thanks, Empower Youth!


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