Community Savings Bank, Bethel OH has been on the inside track of the needs of the community of Bethel since opening in 1889. Our relationship with CSB began in 2015 when one of our representatives walked into her doors and simply asked if they would be a drop off site for food donations for our weekend food bags. From there the relationship grew into CSB sponsoring a Picnic in the park in 2016 and 2017 as well as purchasing our fundraising shirts for the 2016 and 2017 camp seasons.

The relationship between Empower Youth and Community Savings Bank’s mission of focusing on partnering to make a difference  has indeed made a huge impact on Clermont County and southern Ohio.  So much so, that in April of 2017, Community Savings Bank gave Empower Youth a 15.25 acre horse farm off of 125 just a few miles out of Bethel. To the naked eye this property looked like a lot of work but to Empower Youth and the bank President John Essen,

Community Savings Bank President/CEO, John Essen

this property was and is a pearl. This property gave EY a physical address. For 2 years, Empower Youth had been packing food bags from borrowed spaces and practically had items stored all over the county. The Red Barn flea market had graciously given us our last residence but we were quickly out-growing the space. This property gave us a home and finally the sense of belonging that we had been missing as nomads working out of trailers and closets.  This property also gave us renewed vision in our role as gap-fillers not just in Clermont County but in all of southern Ohio.

Even more than the ranch, we appreciate Community Savings Bank because they have listened to what we have said about the needs of the county and Bethel.  They have responded with fantastic products to meet those needs. Specifically, we have students without any banking accounts because they simply do not have adults to cosign for them. CSB rolled out a special product just for our young entrepreneurs to begin building their future.

We love Community Savings Bank!