We truly are a grassroots program. We are not attached to a bigger “Empower Youth” network somewhere that we make withdrawals from like an ATM. Everything we do, we raise. Everything we do, we raise.

Do we have grant money? Grants we less than 10% of our yearly budget this year. In comparison to other non-profits that’s pretty much right on par. We don’t count on grants to fund us, but we sure do enjoy the breather when we receive them.

Our Executive Directors, Scott and Lori Conley, along with our board members are responsible for fundraising. It’s a hard job. At this time we do not have anyone paid to work for us. Every hour on the phone, in meetings, or making presentations are donated by this team. As new directors are added, fundraising will always be part of the job.

Our executive director writes letters… lots of them. One of our board members applies for grants, lots of them. Our board of directors give personally. All the board members work on projects trying to do food drives and raise money. Our executive director posts alot on facebook. Our executive director makes phone calls.

How do we currently pay our bills? People write monthly checks. People donate monthly through paypal by pushing the donate button on facebook or on our donate webpage. 4 churches have put us in their budget for 2017. 3 have us in their budget now.

WE MAKE EVERY PENNY COUNT. But what’s amazing is that because of our partnerships with other non-profits, our donations of actual items like groceries and Christmas Elf gifts, our company sponsorships and donations as well as the donated talent pool we estimate that we have actually produced a program this year worth over $250,000.

We spend what we have every month. At the end of the month we carry over a balance between $1000- $1500. That’s just enough money to keep us alive until the next month’s checks come in.

So why do we tell you this, because you need to know that this community initiative makes it just like many of you do…. we aren’t working from abundance…yet every month we pay all our bills on time.

Why? Because folks, businesses, churches are compelled to do big things through us!

So would you like to be a part of this? It’s a work in progress every month. I guarantee if you join up… you will have great stories to tell. You will watch lives change. And then…you will realize you’ve changed….




Our Big Picture:

We want to see youth be successful in life.
• Healthy relationships
• Independent financially
• Spiritually sound
• And the ability to contribute to the community.

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