My husband brakes for me and I love it…most of the time.

When I first learned to drive, I was fortunate enough and am old enough unfortunately to have learned on a 1980’s Stick-Shift Chevette! I loved it. I would rev the engine on that little 4-door hatchback and squeal out of the parking lot of our school after band camp (yep band geek, another blog in time) and head with the hatch open and ten of my closest friends to the Green River. It was awesome. Changing those gears made me feel like I was driving a race car. However, it wasn’t always speedy. When I first learned to drive, I remember having issues changing gears and making that Chevette hop! Gas, clutch, brake, hop! Gas, Clutch, brake, hop! Beginning with that car and pretty much every car since, I have always needed on average more brake repair than anything else on my cars. Go figure. I like to go. In fact, my grandbabies call me Go-Go.

Thankfully, I married Scott. He likes to stop. Seriously. A lot. He likes to stop me. A lot. I was talking to my son last night and he talked about how Scott and I were perfect for what we do because I’m the gas pedal and Scott is the brake. For a few minutes we paused on that and I had to agree. There is quite a bit of friction at times but eventually we get where we are going and thankfully, we aren’t falling apart leaving pieces of ourselves wherever we go.

When Scott and I married, we became more than husband and wife on paper. We are partners in everything. Being partners doesn’t mean you both have the same role. Thank God! Being partners means we both do what we are gifted in to get a little farther down the road. That’s how we lead Empower Youth. That’s why we bring on folks with different characteristics than ourselves.

There can’t be too many “Go-Gos” or this amazing organization would fly off a cliff. There can’t be too many “Brakers” or we would sit constipated (great word picture right) never accomplishing anything.

I’m so thankful for the variety of folks joining Empower Youth. We truly are a team working the next steps out together. Scott and I have been asked before how are we doing this? I honestly believe it started with God bringing in partnership me and my husband. The rest of the success and failures come from seeking and trusting people to come beside us, work with us, guide us, and push the gas or pull the brake! In the next few months, we will be expanding some of our decision-making beyond our EY Board to an advisory board of more gogos and brakers! I am excited to see where this year goes and my husband is buckled up with his hand on my back saying, “Slow down, honey hear comes a curve!”

So far, we haven’t gotten any tickets for speeding and nobody has been honking their horns for us to get off the road! Buckle up friends!