In the year, 2016 we saw tremendous growth as our fundraising efforts grew our budget by 1/3! We ended our 2016 year having received and spent nearly $75,000.00.  With more finances in play, the burden to be more accountable is a constant for our team. We now have a financial team working together to make sure we follow every guideline as a 510c3 and that we use all of our resources with integrity. If you have contributed to Empower Youth as a regular donor or one time contributor, we thank you. This organization relies on individuals to make our budget…for us…every budget item has a face and a name.

The following are our major budget areas of 2016 and what was spent in them:

  • Weekly Hot Meals (Fall, Winter, Spring): $ 5,000
  • Weekend Backpack Meals: $29,000
  • Camp/Activity Scholarships: $ 22,000.00
  • Picnics in the Park: $3,000

Going forward in 2017, we our changing our fiscal budget year this year to reflect our work with the schools. So we have a projected short budget year of January 1-August 31. For this 9 month period we are budgeting our expenses and income to be at the same amount as the total for 2016. We are excited about the changes in our accounting and financial team which is allowing us more freedom to dream big for students who are desperate for a broader resource base.


4 thoughts on “2017 Budget– Here we grow!

  1. I know of an opportunity to raise money for the group. I tried to message Lori Conley via facebook, but I don’t know that she got it. There is an organization called Eastside Motivators Inc. they hook you up with events to work concessions, Bengals, Reds, UC football, etc. and with you being a non-profit you can get any number of members to work events and earn money to go towards the food and stuff you guys need. Email Stephanie Norris stephnorr@aol. com or call 604-6732 if interested. This group has over 270 members so you don’t have to commit to all events in order to benefit. If you had 6 people work a Bengals game, you’d earn around $330 for one day of work.

    1. HI Julie, I did get your message 🙂 we don’t have a large enough group to do this yet— but we will definitely keep this in mind as our group grows. Thank you so much for thinking of us! Lori

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