Empower Youth is Ready for School!

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go. –from Dr. Seuss “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” I have always relished “Back to School” … Continue reading Empower Youth is Ready for School!

Help Us Help Kids Fly!

It was his first overnighter at camp. He was overly excited…almost uncontrollable. He needed boundaries during the program time, so I grabbed an extra blanket I brought with me and laid it on the floor. I told him he could move all over that blanket. I had to laugh as I stood across the room … Continue reading Help Us Help Kids Fly!

7 Picnics To Go!

A note from our Executive Director: I was fine with doing this little picnic in the park until I held that baby. Tiny…so very tiny… Her Momma already overwhelmed with children and life. This little baby is so docile, barely able to stay awake, while chaos whirls around her. I was fine with doing this … Continue reading 7 Picnics To Go!

Not if, when

Not If, When… 3 words. I hate them. Not if, when. Those are the words I spoke to a young boy last night who once again was not where he was supposed to be. If Empower Youth can’t get involved in this life and his parent’s life in a meaningful way then it’s not a … Continue reading Not if, when

It Was An Amazing Night!

   It was an amazing night, but it wasn’t about the food. It wasn’t about the snow cones. It was an amazing night, but it wasn’t about the watermelon or the free hot dog.       It was an amazing night but it wasn’t about parachute games. It wasn’t about the crafts.            It … Continue reading It Was An Amazing Night!

It’s Only Sunday.

A house destroyed… Pictures ripped off walls, TVs thrown off their stands and cracked, a broken kitchen table… It looks like a home invasion crime scene. The three youngest are shaking. The oldest is angry and protective. Standing in the middle is a frightened Mom try to reason with her very ill unmedicated husband. The … Continue reading It’s Only Sunday.