October 21, 2018

On July 3rd, Lori Conley, our Executive Director, received the news of her diagnosis of a rare form of gallbladder cancer. We are excited to post that Lori just finished with a pet scan that showed no visible form of cancer. She is still fighting this horrible disease as it is known for microscopic cancer cells. As of this posting, Lori still has 32 more chemotherapy and radiation treatments until her next scan.

We are confident for her recovery and she definitely is hard to hold back from the ranch. Please continue to pray for her and Scott as they duke this out! We also want to thank everyone who has made donations to Empower Youth and designated it for Lori and Scott’s health account. Lori receives a small monthly stipend from us and the extra funds designated for her health have allowed them to stay on top of all their medical bills to date. They could not do this without your help!

The picture below is Lori and Scott at the beginning of this year– Lori in her rare form! She tackles everything with humor! Please keep praying for her recovery and be ready for what she unleashes in the coming months to fight food insecurity and give all students in Appalachia a strong hand up from struggles into success!

Have a Fierce New Year!