When Lori began her work in Bethel, one of the first things she did was to volunteer in the schools. Working with her friend Mrs. Turner in Kindergarten was a complete joy and eye opener. It was also a heart breaker. This is where Lori saw the real damage of poverty and neglect. This is where Lori saw students so hungry they were getting in trouble for misbehaving. Empower Youth was born out of that hurt for the children.

Supporting schools has always been a priority for EY. Whether it’s introducing the student weekend food program, offering incentives for students with moonbounces and snowcones, or doing our Leadership Classes– EY wants to be involved with schools and build encouraging relationships with the teachers and students.

Current Education Programs 

(For more detailed information refer to http://www.leadertoolbox.org)

Middle School

Safety Net Program – The focus of this program is to provide middle school students with the tools they need to build themselves a successful future narrative.

These classes are adapted according to the needs of the school. In Bethel Middle School, the sessions are in a small group format once a month.  Topics covered are:  Respect, Self-Respect, Time Management, Goal Setting, as well as career exploration.  The format of the lessons are group discussion, co operative activities, and self exploration.

High School

R.E.A.L Pathways –  The focus of the Pathways program is to empower students with skills and experiences that will lead them to successful future life and work prospects.

The program will provide them with the Resources for career exploration, Experiences from job shadowing, internships and field trips, Access to trainings, and Life knowledge from mentor relationships.

The Pathways program is implemented with the partnership of OSU Extension Office

If you would like more information on any of our education programs, please contact Sandy Marquez at Marquezempoweryouth@gmail.com.