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11824977_1615182325416006_7841427951752958256_nWe have a place for everyone. Empower Youth has so many facets that there is indeed a place for every age, every skill level, and time commitment. We know that your time is valuable so we go out of our way to make sure your experience is meaningful to us and to you.

We are still forming teams and fine tuning our positions so please be patient and give us your feedback as you volunteer. Empower Youth is about empowering our volunteers to dream big too!  Check over the list below and then email our coordinator Pam at pam.empoweryouth@gmail.com

Weekly needs:

Shoppers: We are always looking for couponers and budget conscious folks to shop the deals for us. What’s a deal for us? Cans of pasta with meat for less than 62 cents. Packages of peanutbutter crackers for less than 20 cents a pack. Shelf stable milk for less than 65 cents a serving. We can make the actual purchase– but we need people to be looking for the deals.

Packers: Currently, we pack 600 packs weekly. This is a project for teams of 6-15 adults and teams. Some groups bring as many as 20! It takes almost an hour at our packing barn at 2800 State Route 125, Bethel OH 45106.

Delivery: We need drivers to pick up bags from our packing barn in Bethel and deliver to schools in Bethel, Amelia, and Fayetteville on a weekly basis.

Summer time picnic needs (June 6-August 8):

Set up: Be at Burke Park in Bethel at 4:30pm to unload trailer and begin setting up games, tables for food, snowcones, sound system, and other specialty items for the day.

Tear down: ProIMG_7441mptly at 8pm help us move folks along by tearing down tables and loading all the equipment from the evening back in to our trailer.

Clean up team: Canvas the park to pick up any trash and check the bathrooms to make sure they are left tidy. We also will be taking out our trash to the dumpster this year.

Cooking team: On nights that we have not secured a sponsor for the picnic, we will be cooking the meal. This team would help prepare a predetermined menu.

Servers: From week to week, we may need folks to jump in on the serving line.

Recreation: We are looking for recreational leaders to plan activities weekly. If you can do this one night a month or one night for the season, we can use you.  Volunteers for recreation must complete a background check.

Relationship Builders: This is probably the most difficult volunteer position at the picnic in the park. It actually means leaving your own comfort zone to make friends with someone new… many someones…. to get to know new folks who come to our picnic. The roll of the RB is to be observant to the needs of others. Most folks don’t wear a sandwich board that says, “Hey, I need help! I’m sinking.” However, we know that we do have folks who are struggling. The only way to help folks is to build relationships. If we want better dads… then there has to be better Dads at the park playing. If we want Moms to become more attentive to their children, then we need attentive Moms to model this at the park.   THIS HAS TO BE INTENTIONAL. THAT’S WHY IT IS LISTED AS A REAL JOB NEED.

Publicity: Target specific neighborhoods weekly to hand out flyers and to invite to the picnic.

Mentoring: Volunteer to be assigned to specific kids to build relationships with this summer. Mentors will  help students be prepared for camp. Alert EY to specific needs the students or their family may have. By building a relationship through the summer, the mentor can then encourage students to do well in school and stretch themselves to join in extra-curricular enrichment activities. Mentors must complete a background check. Mentors will meet students in the park or at other EY events.

Weekday Summer Feeding Program:

Food Prep: Volunteers will work at our site to set up the daily meals for students. The meals are freezer meals that when thawed to room temperature are ready to eat. Volunteers would work every day of the week or could pick one day a week to work. We are looking for consistent workers. Suggested time frame: 11a-1p.  Food prep workers must complete a background check.

Enrichment Activity Coaches:  Help encourage students to attend the program by leading special activities each day. Statistically, more students will attend if we have other programs for them to participate in. Suggested time frame: 11a-1p  Coaches must complete a background check.

Clean Up: Clean up tables and reset the room for the next day’s adventure. Take out trash to the dumpster.

Camp Volunteers:

We are looking for folks to help transport students to Woodland Lakes Camp from Bethel for various camps throughout the summer. Drivers must be background checked.

Letter writers: Kids love to get mail at camp. Will you consider joining this team and writing our kids letters for camp?

Onsite Camp Coaches: Some of our camps are in need of volunteers for the week of camp. If you would like to volunteer to work a camp, please contact us immediately and we will see where you will fit in the best. All workers must be background checked.

Special Event Volunteers:

We do events through the year where we need just a little bit extra help.

Bethel-Tate Schools/ West Clermont Schools/Felicity Schools back to school night:  We are looking for folks to help run the moonbounce, inflatable slide, and the snow cone machine.

12189005_1106455706033800_5051927268382577780_nDream Big Campaign: We need homemade pillowcases! We present over 400 pillows to Kindergarten students during the first month of school. They get a brand new pillow, a pillow case, and stuffed animal to start the year off. This is a big deal. We need unique kid appropriate pillows that make our students want to dream big!  Last year area girl scout troops tie-dyed them for us!

Kindergarten Testing: At the beginning of the school year, Empower Youth helps with the pretest for the new Kindergartens. Volunteers must be able to log students on to a computer and help as needed.  Volunteers for this event must have a background check on file with EY or the school.

College Visit Sponsors: EY will be taking Junior High students for overnighters to college campuses this Fall. We need volunteers to help on these trips. Every volunteer must be background checked.

Christmas Giveaway: EY in conjunction with the school helps add a little more MERRY to the Christmases of many of our students. Volunteers are needed to help put these packages together so that they can be delivered the last week of school in December.

Tell Our Story:

Publicity: We need folks to contact news sources including newspaper, radio, and tv when we have big things happening. We also need folks to pump us up on facebook.

Sponsorship Representatives: In order to do everything we do, we need folks to tell our story to potential donors. We are looking for corporate and personal monthly support. We are also looking for one time gifts of money or other resources that we can use at auctions.


Contact: Pam at volunteer.empoweryouth@gmail.com

We will find a place for you!






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