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When Scott and Lori Conley visited the Cape Cod home two streets from their little church, they realized that looks are indeed deceiving. The small “starter” home that had seen better days was the address of a young child and his Dad who had just visited their church. Lori jumped at the chance to visit the little boy with a balloon and plate of cookies. As Scott and Lori approached the door of the house, it appeared that this home had been divided into 5 apartments and the young man’s family name was not on the door. After knocking for a bit, Scott and Lori turned to leave only to be startled by an older gentlemen coming from the side of building. He asked them who they were looking for and after they spoke the name, the man pointed to the cellar saying the single parent family had just moved in there. The cellar door was plywood, there was a padlock on the outside (which meant they weren’t home), and Lori’s heart dropped. Things changed immediately for Lori and Scott. She had her “why” and “now, what” questions answered. This began a heart song for the children of Bethel in poverty and quickly spread to neighboring towns. Within just 3 years of coming to Bethel, Scott and Lori began Empower Youth as a community based initiative to invite the community in to the life of the children who desperately needed them.

Christmas Wonderland

EY Golden Ticket Event:
December 15, 1-3 or 3:30-5:30pm

Want something special for your child this Christmas that’s more about relationships and fun and less about the gifts? You are invited to participate in the EY Golden Ticket event.

We have been planing for a few months to include all of our students we serve through Empower Youth weekend food program and now we realize we have at least 100 openings for more children. We would love to have your family come.

All you do to qualify is fill out the form below so we can be ready. Santa and Mrs. Clause will be there giving out gifts (at least $10 value). We even have gift cards for studens all the way to age 19. We will have hot cocoa and cookies. We will have a wonderland carnival of games and crafts. Mrs. Clause will be telling stories. And every family that attends will come home with a giant box of food for the Holidays.

The event will be held at Woodland Lakes Christian Camp in Amelia. We will have gas cards to help with transportation to the event.

The DEADLINE for these forms is December 10. Please get them in by that date so we can make sure Santa has enough special gifts for all his friends.

For more information: email Lori at christmas.empoweryouth@gmail.com

CLICK THIS FORM: facebook christmas form

TURN IN BY DECEMBER 10 emailing form to christmas.empoweryouth@gmail.com


Empower Youth serves students in 5 school districts using the time, talent, and finances of the communities around them. We answer the needs of each school in a variety of ways leaving much room for volunteers to find a “niche” to facilitate lasting change in the life of a child.

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October 21, 2018

On July 3rd, Lori Conley, our Executive Director, received the news of her diagnosis of a rare form of gallbladder cancer. We are excited to post that Lori just finished with a pet scan that showed no visible form of cancer. She is still fighting this horrible disease as it is known for microscopic cancer cells. As of this posting, Lori still has 32 more chemotherapy and radiation treatments until her next scan.

We are confident for her recovery and she definitely is hard to hold back from the ranch. Please continue to pray for her and Scott as they duke this out! We also want to thank everyone who has made donations to Empower Youth and designated it for Lori and Scott’s health account. Lori receives a small monthly stipend from us and the extra funds designated for her health have allowed them to stay on top of all their medical bills to date. They could not do this without your help!

The picture below is Lori and Scott at the beginning of this year– Lori in her rare form! She tackles everything with humor! Please keep praying for her recovery and be ready for what she unleashes in the coming months to fight food insecurity and give all students in Appalachia a strong hand up from struggles into success!

Have a Fierce New Year!


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