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When Scott and Lori Conley visited the Cape Cod home two streets from their little church, they realized that looks are indeed deceiving. The small “starter” home that had seen better days was the address of a young child and his Dad who had just visited their church. Lori jumped at the chance to visit the little boy with a balloon and plate of cookies. As Scott and Lori approached the door of the house, it appeared that this home had been divided into 5 apartments and the young man’s family name was not on the door. After knocking for a bit, Scott and Lori turned to leave only to be startled by an older gentlemen coming from the side of building. He asked them who they were looking for and after they spoke the name, the man pointed to the cellar saying the single parent family had just moved in there. The cellar door was plywood, there was a padlock on the outside (which meant they weren’t home), and Lori’s heart dropped. Things changed immediately for Lori and Scott. She had her “why” and “now, what” questions answered. This began a heart song for the children of Bethel in poverty and quickly spread to neighboring towns. Within just 3 years of coming to Bethel, Scott and Lori began Empower Youth as a community based initiative to invite the community in to the life of the children who desperately needed them.

Donate your time, talent, and finances.

Empower Youth serves students in 5 school districts using the time, talent, and finances of the communities around them. We answer the needs of each school in a variety of ways leaving much room for volunteers to find a “niche” to facilitate lasting change in the life of a child.

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Our recent article in the Clermont Sun:


Join the Hunger Walk and make a difference close to home! Click this link to register: http://cincinnatihungerwalk.org/2018/

Empower Youth has been a partner with Freestore Foodbank since we began our Summer Food Summer Fun Program in the summer of 2016. Freestore has allowed us to purchase many food items for our bags at a discount rate that has allowed us to now feed more than 600 students.

The Hunger Walk and 5K Run is another unique opportunity for Empower Youth by the Freestore Foodbank. For every walker/runner that signs up, we receive the entire amount of the registration fee!!! All of this money will be put towards our food bills. Last year, our food bills were over $12,000. Our goal is to raise $10,000 with our walkers/runners and their donations!

Join the Hunger Walk and make a difference close to home! Click this link to register: http://cincinnatihungerwalk.org/2018/


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